Your First Consultation

Thank you for choosing our office to meet all of your periodontal needs. We are committed to providing excellence in care and treatment.  We appreciate your trust in our office.
Your first visit to our office will be a consultation.  You can expect:

  1. We will listen to your main concern and the concerns of your general dentist.
  2. We will do a thorough exam.
  3. We will explore all options of your treatment.
  4. With your help we will select an option that will be suitable to your circumstances, time, finance and other needs.
  5. We will create a line of communication with your primary care doctor or other specialist to create a comprehensive treatment plan.
  6. We will explore all financial options including your insurance.
  7. We will provide you with educational material to help you understand your condition and maximize the outcome of your treatment.

How You Can Feel Safe That Everything Is Being Done To Protect You:

According to all leading authorities, the risk of contracting serious infectious diseases during a dental visit are extremely remote.  However, it is right to be concerned and to ask questions to protect and reassure yourself.  Due to the measures we take to eliminate disease transmission, you can feel confident both in coming here and in referring your family and friends to us.

If you have any questions regarding our infection control measures, please ask the doctors or any staff member.  We will be happy to explain all our procedures and safeguards.