Frequently Asked Questions

As a benefit to our patients, a full-color Patient Page is posted quarterly for you to print out for your own information.

To our referring doctors, please feel free to print or copy these forms to distribute to your patients, for your reception room display, or to send via mail or email.

Brush and Floss for Healthy Gums!
(April 2009)
Inflammation and Periodontal Disease
(December 2008)
Your Gums and Your Smile
(September 2008)
Nutrition and Your Oral Health
(June 2008)
Need a Dental Implant? Fear Not!
(March 2008)
Resolve To Eliminate Stress and Save Your Oral Health
(December 2007)
What Your Gums Can Expect When You’re Expecting
(September 2007)
Choosing the Right Tools for Your Teeth and Gums
(June 2007)
Choosing Dental Implants
(March 2007)
Bisphosphonate Therapy Can Impact Oral Health
(December 2006)
Who Is a Periodontist?
(September 2006)
Tobacco and Oral Health
(June 2006)
What is Scaling and Root Planing?
(January 2006)
Gum Inflammation May Affect the Body
(December 2005)
Don’t Be Haunted by a Toothless Grin: Dental Implants Are an Option
(September 2005)
Don’t Let a Dirty Mouth Pollute Your Clean Heart
(June 2005)
Women’s Hormones Could Affect Their Oral Health
(March 2005)
Brushing and Flossing “Excuse Busters” to the Rescue
(December 2004)
Maintaining and Protecting Your Oral Hygiene Equipment
(September 2004)
Periodontal Plastic Surgery
(June 2004)
Dental Implants (Bibliography)
(February 2004)
Stress and Periodontal Health (Bibliography)
(October 2003)
Pregnancy and Periodontal Health
(August 2003)
Women and Periodontal Health (Bibliography)
(April 2003)
Periodontal Therapy (Bibliography)
(January 2003)
Rheumatoid Arthritis (Bibliography)
(November 2002)
Diabetes and Periodontal Disease (Bibliography)
(September 2002)
Heart Health (Bibliography)
(July 2002)
Senior Health (Bibliography)
(May 2002)
Interdental Cleaning
(January 2002)
Cancer and Oral Health
(November 2001)
Ethnicity and Periodontal Health
(September 2001)
Medications and Oral Health
(July 2001)
Oral Bacteria
(May 2001)
Dental Fear & Anxiety
(March 2001)
Understanding Dental Insurance
(January 2001)
Oral Health During Pregnancy
(November 2000)
Men’s Periodontal Health
(September 2000)
Nutrition and Oral Health
(July 2000)
Families and Periodontal Disease
(May 2000)