After Your Scaling and Root Planing

Toledo Periodontics

1. You may still be very numb when you leave the office. Feel free to eat whatever you would like. We do suggest that you choose easy to chew foods (your jaw may be tired from the length of the appointment) such as soups, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, etc. Be careful about temperatures of foods, you may not be able to judge if soup or coffee is too hot due to the anesthesia. Try not to bite or chew on your lips or tongue as the numbness wears off.

2. There is no need to brush or floss today, your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned during this procedure. If you wish, use a soft toothbrush or the extra soft red brush to gently brush. Beginning tomorrow, follow the home care instructions given to you. If your gums are still tender, use the red brush or adjust your power toothbrush to a lower setting. Run the bristles under warm water to soften them. Warm salt water rinses (8 oz. water as warm as you can tolerate and 1 tsp. salt—3 times daily) and any pain reliever that you would use for a headache (Motrin, Tylenol) should relieve any tenderness you may have over the next day or two.

3. Rincinol Mouthrinse: Feel free to use this as a “liquid bandage” for you gums if you are experiencing tenderness. This rinse is very thick, and should be used full strength. Try NOT to rinse with water after using the Rincinol mouthrinse.

4. Root sensitivity: occasionally after a root planing, exposed roots of some teeth will be temperature sensitive, especially to cold. Using Sensodyne or any sensitivity formula toothpaste should help. If this persists, phone our office and we can treat these areas with desensitizing products at no additional charge to you.
Please call if you have any questions or concerns: (419) 882-1807