Toledo Periodontics

Brenda Sanchez

Testimonial of Brenda Sanchez who has had 2 implants in our office:

I had a good recommendation from my general dentist to come to the office. Once here I felt comfortable and the office staff and Dr. were very professional and thorough. I come from 50 miles to the office and would come back again if the need arises.

The cost of the implants are very reasonable and I would do it all over again if I had to. It is well worth the cost and the travel time.

Carol Igielski

Testimonial of Carol Igielski who has had 2 implants and periodontal surgery in our office:

I have been a long time patient in the office and have had extensive dental work there. I have always appreciated the honesty of Dr. Tohme and his staff. He has always made me feel comfortable about the treatment and I have a lot of confidence in him. I appreciate the coordination with my general dentist to get the job done.

The implants have made a big difference in my life especially from a cosmetic point of view.

Toledo Periodontics

James Walterschied

Testimonial of James Walterschied who has had 1 implant in our office:

I am very pleased with the results of my implant. It was well worth it. The insurance was a big help in the cost and I did not have much out of pocket expenses. With the implant I am now able to eat all kinds of food without worrying about losing a tooth.

The staff and the doctor are very helpful in explaining the procedure step by step and the literature is very informative.

Toledo Periodontics

Joanne Jarrell

Testimonial of Joanne Jarrell who has had 4 implants in our office:

The whole implant process was a wonderful experience. I was very fearful at first and it was a lot less traumatic than I expected. The results were amazing!

Dr. Tohme’s demeanor is very reassuring and his follow up is excellent. He detected some cysts in the sinus area during the implant process and he took care of that for me also.

I am very pleased with the results. I am able to eat everything like normal and the bone graft that was added for the implants has evened up my bite.

Toledo Periodontics

Mary Kleindienst

Testimonial of Mary Kleindienst who has had 6 implants and a sinus lift in our office:

My experience in the office has been great. I have always felt comfortable and welcome in the office. The staff and Dr. Tohme have been very kind to me.

I was very surprised that I did not have any pain associated with the implant procedure and the sinus lift. I find myself smiling a lot more. I also am able to eat a whole lot better. It was well worth the expense and the time involved.

Paul Gearing

Testimonial of Paul Gearing who has had 3 implants in our office:

I had to have three implants placed in order to replace a three unit bridge that was failing. The implants look and feel great. I don’t even know that they are there.

My experience at the office has been a very good one. It is a first class office and Dr. Tohme and his staff should be very proud. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Tohme’s office.

The communication with Dr. Tohme and my general dentist has been 100%. I have always been kept informed of any work that needed to be done.

Stephanie Reecer

Testimonial of Stephanie Reecer who has had 12 implants in our office:

My experience in the office has been a pleasant one. Dr. Tohme and the staff have always made me feel comfortable. Everyone is very caring and supportive.

The procedures to me were easy and painless. The healing time was very short. The whole process seemed to go by so fast.

The implants are very affordable and well worth the expense.

I am pleased that I am able to eat things that I could not eat before the implants.

I have to give speeches and I am so glad that I don’t have to worry about my smile anymore.

Dr. Tohme is great!