Our Mission is:

“My Staff and I at Toledo Periodontics are dedicated to provide you with the highest quality of care in a warm and caring environment, using the utmost scientific, advanced, and gentle approach.” Dr. Tohme

Toledo Periodontics

Working with Your Family Dentist

Your family dentist has referred you to our office and naturally plays an important role in minimizing the effects of periodontal disease. It is important to return to your general dentist on a regular basis for exams and oral hygiene visits.

We recognize the value of good communication between doctors and have therefore made a commitment to work with your family dentist to enable the most comprehensive treatment program. We regularly communicate with your family dentist during your treatment as well as during follow up.

Patient Protection and Comfort

It is imperative that health care facilities consistently apply state-of-the-art sterilization and disinfecting techniques to provide patients with maximum protection. In our office, we are committed to your safety. Throughout the day, we continuously and thoroughly sterilize our equipment for your protection and adhere to or exceed every standard of infection control set by the Center for Disease Control and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Your comfort is also a top priority. We strive to make our office a relaxing and pleasant environment. If necessary, we can also provide sedation or general anesthesia. In addition, we communicate with you every step of the way. During your initial consultation, the procedures will be thoroughly explained to you, and you will be kept informed during your treatment. We find an informed patient is more relaxed, allowing for optimum treatment results.

Appointments / Scheduling

Because we want to make your first visit as convenient as possible, we mail the necessary health history forms to your home. Please bring the completed forms with you on your first visit. Your first visit will include a comprehensive examination followed by a thorough discussion of your periodontal condition and treatment options.

With regard to scheduling and appointments, we value your time and pride ourselves on the efficiency of our office. We have convenient office hours that allow you to make an appointment that fits easily into your schedule.

In addition, we are prepared to respond to emergencies should they arise. We are always available to answer questions or help our patients in an emergency situation.

Procedures and Services

Dr. Tohme will personally explain all recommended procedures and will keep you fully informed about every aspect of your treatment:

New Patient Exam: Dr. Tohme meets with new patients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their medical and dental history. This interview is followed by a clinical examination of the mouth, which includes an Oral Cancer Screening and full explanation of our findings and recommendations.

Full Mouth Radiographs: X-rays are taken as needed to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Analysis of these radiographs is accomplished in a timely manner so as to facilitate the initiation of treatment.

Oral Health Instructions: An in-depth evaluation and recommendation of home care techniques will be provided by one of our clinical staff or registered dental hygienists.

Non-Surgical Care: We offer a variety of non-surgical treatment options, including deep cleanings (or scaling) to remove plaque and calculus deposits, comprehensive home care instructions and dental education sessions.

Surgical Procedures: In some cases periodontal disease has caused deeper gum pockets and underlying bone loss. At this stage, osseous surgery becomes necessary to eliminate the diseased gum pockets and bony destruction. Additional treatment, such as bone or gum grafts, may be required to restore oral health. In all instances, we will provide you with post-operative care instructions. If we determine that surgery is necessary, you can feel confident that you’re in good hands. Dr. Tohme has significant experience in all aspects of periodontal treatment, including implant placement.

Our goal is to prevent further damage and gradually restore you to optimum periodontal health. After your mouth is healthy again, we provide continuing care to reduce the chance of disease recurrence and to keep both teeth and gums strong.

Our Promise

Dr. Tohme, his staff and his design team selected the most advanced technical equipment available offering the most advanced treatment for his patients. We built a state of the art modern and pleasant facility for your comfort and to enable us to meet and deliver the highest level of care to you.

On your initial visit to our office, we will listen and we will be attentive to your concerns. We will give you a complete examination and then explain the options for your care and the benefits of each one. We will discuss and completely inform you on every step of the way. All of your questions and concerns will be addressed thoroughly.

Some patients come to us because they are anxious about visiting a dental office. Today, we receive many referrals from these patients because we have listened to their concerns, helped them overcome stress and have given them beautiful smiles. In addition to listening to your concerns, we use the latest technology to provide excellent dental care in a comfortable setting. If you would like to visit our practice to see for yourself, please stop by for an office tour.

We at Toledo Periodontics are dedicated to provide you with the utmost advanced and successful dental implants with a gentle touch. We use state-of-the-art FDA and ADA approved dental implants that have an excellent success rate and are backed by many years of documented clinical experience and extensive research.

Our modern sterilization system surpasses OSHA requirements. Also the water source for our dental units is distilled water which removes any chance for contamination that is found in regular tap water.

Esthetic and plastic surgery procedures can be provided to greatly improve your smile. At Toledo Periodontics, Dr. Tohme specializes in dental implants… the modern and affordable way to go.

Our expert team of assistants and hygienists will perform an oral cancer screening at your initial exam, as well as during your routine hygiene appointments. Our office staff at Toledo Periodontics is prepared to make appointments, address your questions and assist with insurance claims.

Dr. Tohme works in tandem with your general dentist or specialist to evaluate your specific needs and present a personalized treatment plan to successfully restore and maintain your oral health.

It is our commitment to remain a pioneer in our field of expertise and to exceed the expectations of those in our trust.

As leaders in our field, it is our mission to continually challenge ourselves to grow so that we may share our success with you and serve you as only we can.

We are constantly updating and enhancing our equipment and knowledge protocol to meet the highest standard of care, sharing that with your dentist.

Our goal is to make your visit a unique and pleasant experience.