10 – Quality comprehensive dentistry requires the collaboration of the general dentist, the periodontist and other specialists.

9 – Implants have gone mainstream. Implants are no longer experimental, no longer exotic or rare. Implants are now the treatment of choice for an increasing number of people who want the best that dentistry has to offer. Implants are here to stay. Let us plan together – we place them and you restore them. What a great service for our patients!

8 –Referring patients to the periodontist increases case acceptance. If you or your staff are uncomfortable discussing case findings or financial arrangements for large comprehensive treatment plans, the absolute best thing you can do is refer the patient to the periodontist. When patients hear the same treatment recommendations from two doctors, they are much more likely to accept treatment.

7 – The periodontist is your greatest public relations asset. Dentists often recognize the abilities of their hygienists to educate patients. The periodontist builds a positive image of the dentist in the eyes of the patient.

6 – Sending patients to the periodontist increases your production. A general dentist reported recently that his production numbers had dipped one month. He realized that when he refers fewer patients to the periodontist, his own production suffers. The alternating system of periodontal maintenance therapy with your office not only controls periodontal disease but also helps identify restorative needs. Enforcing the importance of a strict hygiene therapy schedule will keep your hygiene department active and healthy as well as increase your restorative cases.

5 – Protect yourself from any legal responsibility. Statistics show the highest percentage of lawsuits in dentistry were against general dentists when patients claimed their conditions were not diagnosed, discussed, treated or referred in a timely manner.

4 – We are your partners in continuing education related to Periodontics and Implants.
Dr. Tohme is board certified periodontist (Only 35% of periodontists are board certified in the U.S.A.)
Dr. Tohme has a Doctorate of Science Degree (D.Sc.) (Only 1% of periodontists have a doctorate degree).
We are continuously increasing our knowledge and education through subscriptions to more than 10 journals that deal with Periodontics, esthetics, restorative treatment and implants. We attend multiple seminars and symposiums that relate to these topics locally and nationwide as well as organize and lecture at numerous courses and seminars. Please call us to schedule a mini course (visit our “Lunch and Learn” tab) which Dr. Tohme will be happy to present at our office or your office. (We provide the lunch and education materials). We will always be available for one-on-one meetings to address your needs.

3 – We are your communication bridge with your patients. If your patient comes to our office upset about the discovery of his or her periodontal disease or other dental related issues, it is our opportunity to explain the mechanism of periodontal disease and to re-enforce your good track record and your knowledge of periodontal disease. We help to build their trust in your office by reinforcing your ability to recognize periodontal problems and by recognizing your quality restorative work.

2 – WE ARE THE FUTURE. Our office has a long time tradition in periodontics and dental implants- more than 100 years of accumulated experience through the practices of Drs. Robinson, Tavtigian, Carroll, and Tohme. We present new concepts in the treatment of periodontal disease and endorse up-to-date technology in dental implants.

1 – And the number one reason why we should have a strong relationship is because WE CARE! We are friendly, open, supportive, and a non-judgmental office.

We are available and you can depend on us! You have our commitment for many years to come.