Final Restoration & Long Term Maintenance

Placement of the final crown or artificial tooth: As soon as the gums around the abutment have healed, your general dentist can take impressions to allow the dental laboratory to custom make a crown or artificial tooth that beautifully matches your natural teeth. This crown is then placed on the abutment and your bite is adjusted to be stable and comfortable. Usually no anesthetic is needed for either the impressions or the final crown placement. You will be given all of the necessary instruction and aids to help you keep your implant healthy, and your implant will be closely monitored by your general dentist and the periodontist. Your implant is now complete and you many enjoy speaking, smiling and chewing with confidence.

Placement of multiple implants for fixed bridges or full dentures: the implant placement procedure for stabilization of fixed bridgework or dentures is exactly the same as for a single tooth, except multiple implants are placed. Often times a temporary prosthesis (denture) is made to be worn during the healing phase of treatment.  While this prosthesis can usually be worn immediately after surgery, you may be instructed to avoid chewing with it for the first few days after surgery to protect the healing implants. Once healing is complete and your bone has fused with the implants, a final fixed bridge or denture can be made by your general dentist.  A few appointments may be necessary to adjust your bite for comfort and stability, but you will quickly enjoy speaking, chewing and smiling with confidence.

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