History of Toledo Periodontics


and The founder of Periodontics in Toledo, Ohio, was Dr. James Robinson. Dr. Robinson graduated from the University Of Minnesota College Of Dentistry in 1939. After two years as a general dentist in Angola, Indiana, he entered the Naval Dental Corps and served in World War II until 1946. Dr. Robinson then moved to Toledo, Ohio and practiced from 1946 until 1975 – first as a general dentist, then as a specialist in Endodontics/Periodontics and then limited to Periodontics from 1958 until his retirement in 1975.

In 1952, Dr. Robinson was among one of the very first groups of periodontists to take the written, oral and clinical examinations to become a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. His certificate number was #168.

As a practicing periodontist, Dr. Robinson was one of a small group of clinicians permitted to use “Boplant” as bone grafting material in an experimental study. These experiments laid the foundation for our present bone grafting techniques. Dr. Robinson was an early advocate of the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ dysfunction and successfully treated hundreds of patients suffering from TMJ pain. He was an early practitioner of conscious sedation, the apically positioned flap operation, bone grafting and bone swaging procedures. He was one of the first periodontists to do full mouth surgical procedures at one appointment rather than one quadrant at a time, and was one of the first to use tetracycline as an antibiotic of choice in treating periodontitis.

Dr. Robinson truly was a pioneer and founder of modern Periodontics in the area.

Dr. Richard Tavtigian grew up in the small rural community of Swanton, Ohio. The son of Armenian immigrants, he excelled in school and pursued his love of wrestling at Toledo University. He attended Ohio State School of Dentistry and joined Dr. Robinson as a periodontist in 1969. He soon became a “Diplomate”.

Always emphasizing “Excellence” in dentistry, he gained the respect of the dental community for his advanced techniques and full mouth surgeries, as well as his expertise in treating TMJ. He became nationally known for his Patient Acceptance Seminar THE BASEBALL GAME.

After Dr. Robinson retired, Dr. Peter Carroll joined Dr. Tavtigian, his former classmate to form PERIODONTICS, INC. Dr. Carroll brought an atmosphere of tranquility to the office. His caring concern and guidance has been very beneficial to many of his patients, employees, and fellow dentists.

Periodontics, Inc., under the able management of Drs. Tavtigian and Carroll completed a long period of prosperity. With over twenty employees, a very close family-like unit was established. Employee birthdays were celebrated at the newest and best restaurants in the area. Summer picnics and Christmas parties for employees and spouses helped form a close-knit group. Employees looked forward to coming to work and provided a great support group for co-workers who faced illness, operations, divorce and sometimes death of parents, spouses, friends.

Offices were opened in Findlay, Wauseon, and Monroe, Michigan. Employees were rewarded for their endless hard work by attending conventions and meetings as guests of the Doctors. Trips to the Bahamas, San Francisco, Carmel, Cal. and a ten day trip to Hawaii were a few of the rewards.

In August of 2000, Dr. Ziad Tohme purchased the practice. This permitted Dr. Tavtigian to announce his intention to retire. Sixteen months later, after assisting Dr. Tohme through the transition period, Dr. Carroll also announced his retirement, thereby leaving Dr. Tohme with the challenge to carry on with the large office and many employees.

A graduate of Damascus College of Dentistry and Boston University, Dr. Tohme brought fresh, new ideas to the practice. After years of intense education and research, completing a degree in medical dentistry, and obtaining a Doctorate of Science, his concentration now is toward private practice. He continues the well-earned reputation of providing the highest quality care to our patients. After practicing for just one year in the Toledo area, he was nominated to hold office in the Toledo Dental Society. He has also gained the respect of his fellow colleagues through his knowledge and expertise, especially in the area of dental implants. His ambitious goal to systemize every aspect of Toledo Periodontics, Inc. has filled many hours of time as he works toward his philosophy of providing the highest quality dental care and to treat each patient as he would a member of his own family.

In 2002, we welcomed Dr. Veronica Ng to our practice. An experienced periodontist and professor, Dr. Ng received her dental degree at Case Western University and has been in private practice for over 10 years in Canada and Michigan, USA. She presently practices in our Monroe office.

Dr. Ng and Dr. Tohme have both completed the additional training and education required to become Diplomates of the American Academy of Periodontology.

Dr. Tohme has accomplished many of his plans for Toledo Periodontics, Inc, including:

A new building complete with all new equipment.

A modern office with the latest technology.

Digital x-ray machines/intraoral camera

Unified, well-trained staff emphasizing teamwork.

Bonus system to reward staff for exceptional service.

The future of Toledo Periodontics is excellent. The periodontal health of our patients in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana is greatly improved through the expertise of Dr. Tohme. General dentists referring their patients to Toledo Periodontics, Inc. know they are introducing patients to the very best treatment presented by superior periodontists. Dr. Tohme's knowledge, ambition, and endless hard work along with his dedicated staff raise Toledo Periodontics, Inc. to the pinnacle of excellence.